How to get AdSense approval for Blogger - Google AdSense approval Tips • TechySnack

How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  Google AdSense approval Tips • TechySnack 

How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  Google AdSense approval Tips • TechySnack
How to get AdSense approval for Blogger

Hi, my name’s Vicky Shaikh. I’m SEO expert & almost 5 years experience in Google Field. In the last few months, I saw many 
marketers are frustrated because Google Adsense refused their websites.

First of all, you should know the rules of the game. Then, you have to make your next moves to win the game. You have to know that google adsense is a traffic provider for Google Ads network. All those ad networks have their own Algorithms that organize the work to deliver to advertisers better results.

Let’s talk about Google Adsense Algorithm

So, Google Adsense Algorithm receive many requests every day from publishers.
His mission is to filter all those requests. Accept the good publishers and refuse all the bad publishers respecting the Law of supply and demand. The Algorithm accept 5% to 8% of those requests.

The key here is how we can be one of those 5% of publishers that Google Adsense Loves.

Theme & Domain

How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  Google AdSense approval Tips • Theme & Domain
Theme & Domain

Create a website with a paid domain, fast theme, an SSL certificate, 15 to 30 unique articles in a micro niche are all important things. But 80% of bloggers know that and do that.Google Adsense needs just 5% of those publishers because he has a limited number of advertisers and google adsense algorithm mission is to deliver to those advertisers the best quality of traffic.

To be one of those 5% is to deliver to google adsense other needs that 80% of bloggers who demand a request don’t deliver those needs.

So, what are those other needs that force the algorithm to accept me and give me the priority.

First, a very fast website. To make this possible, I work with a very fast theme. I have a private theme (my developer do the job for me). I use also a theme called ASTRA which is free and fast. I use a shared hosting that is fast and I link it with CLOUDFLARE DNS. I don’t use a lot of plugins. I prefer use just 2 or 3 plugins maximum. I use also WP ROCKET PLUGIN to remove the cache and to reduce the file size of all my pictures. I work also with sub-domains and not domains.So, after doing that I rank first on Google Adsense Algorithm.


How to get AdSense approval for Blogger - Content

Second, the Content. Many Marketing GURUS says that CONTENT IS THE KING. So, to beat my competitors in order to force Google Adsense Algorithm to give me the priority. I choose one micro or nano niche blog Or I choose one micro niche shopify or woocommerce store or one HTML script. I mean by HTML Script a no Content website. Generally, those websites provide services.

Let's get back to the micro or nano niche blog, I write with my own methods up to 30 long articles (up to 1000 keywords in each article), I use artificial intelligence to write 
and rewrite unique content.

Unique Content

How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  Google AdSense approval Tips • Unique Content
Unique Content

Unique Content doesn’t mean 0% plagiarism only. Google Adsense Algorithm mean by “unique content” no duplicate content and no common content. Bloggers check only duplicate content and forget to check “Common Content”. There are many tools that give us the ability to check our content if it is common or not.

So, with this Content methods I beat Google Adsense Algorithm. If I do all that 
correctly, I will be between 1% and 20% according to the Law of supply and demand. When there are a few requests to google adsense from bloggers compared to the average I will have more chances to get accepted by the Algorithm. The Algorithm give also the priority when there are a few bloggers who do all that correctly like me.

So, with Content and a fast website with an SSL certificate, privacy policy, about us and contact us pages. I will increase my % of acceptance from 5 to 8% which is the average percentage to 80%. Now, If I apply to Google adsense with 10 accounts, the algorithm will accept at least 8.

This is the Power of understanding the Algorithm to beat all other marketers and be the best to win the Algorithm Game.

Third and finally, To increase this percentage from 80% to 1000%.It stays to the Algorithm one Criteria when a few new bloggers can beat you.

I call this criteria “ The JOKER”. The JOKER is Traffic.
Yes, “Traffic is the JOKER”. 
All the online marketing Game is about Traffic. Those visitors which make actions. They buy products and services, install applications and give business owners all the DATA they need (emails and phone numbers) and interact with Content creators.

So, “Content is the King”.
“Offers are the Queen”.
And “Traffic is the Joker”.

This is why Mark zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos are BILLIONAIRES. They own the Joker. In 
another word, they own the marketplace. They didn’t take the risk of purchases and 
other actions. They are in the Top of the pyramid.


How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  Google AdSense approval Tips • Traffic

Knowing that Traffic is the Joker is not sufficient to beat Google Adsense Algorithm. The important part in this section is to know what’s kind of traffic Google Adsense Algorithm loves. Google Adsense buy traffic from me and you Publishers and sell this traffic to Google Ads advertisers. He wants to sell a traffic that is interested about a topic.

The best source of traffic for algorithm is the targeted traffic which cames from SEO. Or visitors which came from social media but they have researched recently about a 
targeted topic. Then, came others types of traffic sources.

We have now 2 solution

How to get AdSense approval for Blogger -  We have now 2 solution
We have now 2 solution

A whitehat method, I mean by whitehat method a Legal method which is accepted by Google Adsense Alghoritm. You can buy traffic from many traffic sources Like: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Native Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads.

A blackhat method, I mean by blackhat method an Illegal method which we can 
transform it to a legal method. There many blackhat methods that we use: 
For example, we use advanced script to hide traffic sources. This domain is called 

We can also filter a bad quality of traffic like pop ads then send it to our website after a good filtering. 

We can send boot traffic which is the cheapest traffic but before applying to Google Adsense.


How to get AdSense approval for Blogger - BACKLINKS

There is also another important thing that I left it for last: BACKLINKS.
Backlinks from other websites give your website an authority. To get backlinks, 
there are many methods; you can buy them from fiverr or any other websites.

You can create many websites and give your website many backlinks. Or you can change backlinks with other bloggers. Just don’t buy a lot of backlinks to not give the 
opportunity to the Algorithm to consider those backlinks like a SPAM.

So, If I add Joker which is Traffic to the King which is Unique Content and the other important criteria which I have explain them in the past video. I will increase my percentage of acceptance from 5 to 8% which is the average percentage to 100%.

Finally, In any online business model, If you want to master the game you have to know the rules of the game, the weaknesses of your competitors, how the majority think and how the algorithm or the market work and what it need. Then Master the Game.
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