How To Earn Money From Twitter In Pakistan - Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu

How To Earn Money From Twitter In Pakistan - Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu

How To Earn Money From Twitter In Pakistan - Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu
Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu

How To Earn Money From Twitter - Twitter se paise kaise kamaye urdu download free How To Earn Money From Twitter In Pakistan Step by Step - Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu Download.

Info About Twitter

Nowadays, using social media to make money has become commonplace. Twitter is also ahmed zaria for the series, with loggers making money for their creativity and expertise. In this article we will tell you how to make money from Twitter and what is the perfect strategy in 2024? We will guide you step by step to make money on Twitter easily.

How To Create account & Earn Money 

1. Create and complete your account

First, you need to create a Twitter account if you haven’t already. After creating an account, fill out your profile, add your photo and write your bio so the account can identify and find you easily.

2. Select your Niche

In order to make money, you must first choose your niche on Twitter, that is, the subject in which you are an expert, or the field in which you are a warrior. If you're a content writer, Tweet is your preferred username.

3. Work & Increase Followers

Followers of Lea Apk play an important role in making money through Twitter. If you have a lot of followers to tweet through, use a popular hashtag and tweet regularly.

4. Corporate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easiest and most popular way to make money on Twitter. You can promote a company and when someone buys something through your referral link, you will earn a commission.

5. Promotional Tweets

If you will start getting a lot of followers and engagement on your tweets, you can also make money through sponsored tweets. Companies pay you directly to promote their products or services, and you have to tweet on their behalf.

6. Twitter Announcements

Twitter ads are also a great way to monetize Twitter. You can use Twitter Ads to promote your business or products and reach your target audience.

7. Sale of goods or services

If you have your own business product or service, you can also make money by promoting it on Twitter for increasing sales. Offer your products or services to your followers and don’t expect them to buy your products.

8. Self-employment

You can also make money by developing your freelance skills on Twitter. If you're an expert in something like content writing, graphic design, or digital marketing, you can showcase your skills on Twitter to attract customers and make money if you implement their projects.

How to Gain Follower's on Twitter

Twitter Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Urdu Download - How to Gain Follower's on Twitter
How to Gain Follower's on Twitter 

1. Fill in your personal information

First, fill out your Twitter account. Include a real photo of yourself, a nice name, and a short bio so people know who you are and what you do.

2. Write compelling tweets

Make your tweets interesting and thought provoking to get people to follow you. Use emojis and hashtags in your tweets, and try to connect with your followers by asking them questions.

3. Use hashtags

Using hashtags can help your tweets stand out to more people. Use trending hashtags that are relevant to your niche and get more searches for your posts.

4. Tweet often

It’s also important to tweet regularly so that your followers remember you and continue to follow your tweets. You need to update your followers and tweets regularly.

5. Go ahead and respond

If you retweet and reply to other people's tweets regularly, people will notice you and give you a chance to follow them. How can you increase your followers and expand your network?

6. Don't Follow & unfollow People's

Some people gain followers by being followed and not being followed. But this method is time-consuming and ineffective. It’s best to build your following and give credit to others if you’re authentic.

7. Follow influencers in your field

Following influencers in your niche is also an easy way to grow your following. When you follow an influencer, their followers will also notice you and decide to follow you.

8. Provide contests and awards.

You can also increase your following through contests and giveaways. People love to participate in blogging contests, and if you pay for them, they’ll be happy to follow you.

In Easy English Urdu

Twitter Ke Bare Mein Maloomat

Aaj kal social media ka istemal kar ke paisa kamana ek aam baat ban chuki hai. Twitter bhi is silsile mein aik ahem zariya hai jahan log apni creativity aur skills ke zariye paisa kamate hain. Is article mein hum aapko batayenge ke Twitter se paise kaise kamaye ja sakte hain, aur iska pura tariqa 2024 mein kya hai. Hum aapko step by step guide karenge jis se aap bhi Twitter se asani se paisa kama sakein.

1. Account Banayein aur Complete Karein

Sab se pehle, aapko apna Twitter account banana hoga agar aapne abhi tak nahi banaya. Account banane ke baad, apna profile complete karein, apni tasveer lagayein aur apni bio likhein taake log aapko samajh sakein aur follow karein.

2. Apni Niche Chunein

Twitter par paisa kamane ke liye aapko pehle apni niche chunni hogi, yaani kis shoba mein aap mahir hain ya kis field mein aapka interest hai. Agar aap content writer hain to apne tweets ko is taraf muntakhib karein.

3. Followers Hasil Karein

Twitter se paisa kamane ke liye aapke followers ka bohot ahem kirdar hota hai. Ziada followers ke liye apne tweets ko interesting banayein, popular hashtags ka istemal karein, aur regular tweets karte rahein.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing ek asan aur mashhoor tareeqa hai Twitter se paisa kamane ka. Is mein aap kisi company ka promotion karte hain aur agar koi aapki referral link se us company ke product ko khareedta hai to aapko commission milta hai.

5. Sponsored Tweets

Agar aapke paas ziada followers hain aur aapke tweets par engagement bhi ziada hai to aap sponsored tweets ke zariye bhi paisa kama sakte hain. Companies aapko apne products ya services ka promotion karne ke liye paisa deti hain aur aapko unke liye tweets karna hota hai.

6. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads bhi aik behtareen tareeqa hai Twitter se paisa kamane ka. Aap apne business ya products ka promotion karne ke liye Twitter ads ka istemal kar sakte hain aur apne target audience tak apni baat pohchaa sakte hain.

7. Selling Products or Services

Agar aapke paas koi apna product ya service hai to aap Twitter par uska promotion karke bhi paisa kama sakte hain. Apne followers ko apne products ya services ke baare mein batayein aur unhe convince karein ke woh aapki cheezain khareedain.

8. Freelancing

Twitter par apni freelancing skills ko promote kar ke bhi aap paisa kama sakte hain. Agar aap kisi field mein expert hain jaise ke content writing, graphic designing, ya digital marketing to aap apne skills ko Twitter par dikhakar clients ko attract kar sakte hain aur unse projects lekar paisa kama sakte hain.

Twitter Pe Followers Kaise Badhaye 

1. Apna Profile Pura Karein

Sab se pehle, apne Twitter account ka profile poora karein. Apni asal tasveer lagayein, apna naam sahi se likhein aur ek chota sa introduction likhein taake logon ko pata chale ke aap kaun hain aur aap kis shoba mein mahir hain.

2. Attractive Tweets Likhein

Apne tweets ko interesting aur engaging banayein taake log aapko follow karna pasand karein. Tweets mein emojis aur hashtags ka istemal karein aur apne followers se sawal karke interaction mein rehne ki koshish karein.

3. Hashtags Ka Istemal Karein

Hashtags ka istemal aapko apne tweets ko zyada logon tak pohchane mein madad karta hai. Popular hashtags ka istemal karein jo aapke niche se related hote hain aur jin par zyada log search karte hain.

4. Regular Tweets Karein

Regular tweets karna bhi zaroori hai taake aapke followers aapko yaad rakhein aur aapke tweets ko dekhte rahen. Aapko apne followers ko update karte rehna chahiye aur regular intervals par tweets karte rehna chahiye.

5. Retweet Aur Reply Karein

Agar aap dusre logon ke tweets ko retweet karte hain aur un par reply karte hain to log aapko notice karenge aur aapko follow karne ka moqa denge. Is tareeqay se aap apne followers barha sakte hain aur apne network ko bhi expand kar sakte hain.

6. Follow Aur Unfollow Karna Chhodiye

Kuch log follow aur unfollow ka chakkar chalate hain taake unke followers barh sakein. Lekin yeh tareeqa lamba aur bekar hai. Behtar yeh hai ke aap genuine tareeqay se apne followers barhayein aur dosron ko bhi respect dein.

7. Apne Niche Ke Influencers Ko Follow Karein

Apne niche ke influencers ko follow karna bhi aik asan tareeqa hai apne followers barhane ka. Jab aap kisi influencer ko follow karte hain to unke followers bhi aapko notice karte hain aur aapko follow karne ka faisla karte hain.

8. Contests Aur Giveaways Ka Istemal Karein

Contests aur giveaways ka istemal karke bhi aap apne followers barha sakte hain. Log contests mein hissa lena pasand karte hain aur agar aap unko koi prize de rahe hain to woh aapko follow karna pasand karenge.

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